Help others to lead a healthier life!

Wellbeing Project

Gillian is retired and lives near Littlehampton. She has lost a lot of weight over the past few years, joined a gym and taken up dancing. She has gained hugely in confidence and now wants to help others going through the same experience…..

‘When I lost weight and went to dancing lessons on my own, it was quite scary at first…so I know what it is like to do these things on your own. When I heard about the Wellbeing Supporters project I wanted to get involved as I wanted to support others who want to improve their health but who perhaps need a bit of encouragement along the way…’

Are you able to support others to achieve a health outcome, such as losing weight, stopping smoking or taking up exercise? The Arun Wellbeing Supporters Project is looking for volunteers to help others achieve a healthier lifestyle – could you be one of them?

The Wellbeing Supporter roles can range from providing support and encouragement to individuals within activity groups (such as Beginners Fitness) or going on healthy walks with individuals around the Arun area, to supporting others in weight loss groups or supporting colleagues in the workplace with making healthier lifestyle choices.

So, does being a Wellbeing Support sound like something you could do?

We offer ‘taster’ days to get you familiar with what the project is about and what we expect from our volunteers and then a training day to get you started. This is followed by ongoing training, network meetings and general support from the Project Co-ordinator and also the Arun Wellbeing Team.

Arun Wellbeing is funded by West Sussex County Council Public Health which has commissioned Arun District Council (and other local councils in West Sussex) to deliver it in their local communities. It is a preventative service aimed at reducing the risk factors for cardiovascular disease and Type II diabetes, and open to all, but particularly those who are concerned about their health. You can be referred by your GP or refer yourself. The majority of our services are completely free of charge. Arun Wellbeing also have a wealth of other information about other local services they can pass on to you. Just email or call 01903 737862 or take a look at the website:

For more information about the Wellbeing Supporters project in particular and how to get involved, contact: The Wellbeing Supporter Co-ordinator, VAAC, email: or phone 01243 864220


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