The Connecting Communities team is as busy as ever, working with local organisations, community groups and clients on one to one basis.

Our sessions at the CAB are very popular, and thanks to our co-operation with Shelter and the CAB, we have been able to help many people in need of support in some of the most difficult situations, such as losing a home and not being able to buy food.

We are continuing to work in partnership with our funders and are currently supporting the Think Family work with Arun District Council, Operation Accent with Sussex Police and improving the access to information and advice for Arun Benefits and Housing options clients.

The team has worked closely with communities, helping to find answers to such important questions, as which language is best spoken at home and how to help parents support their children when studying the English language.

Together with the ACCORD and Felpham & Bognor family of schools (FAB), the team has organised and taken part in the seminar “My Language, Your Language, Our Language, where Russian, Polish and Lithuanian speaking parents were able to find out about the benefits of being billingual, ask questions and discuss the best techniques of teaching a first, secon and even third language!

Community events were high on the list of things to do for the team – we have also taken part in the Big Bite Festival, and loved meeting hundreds of Bognor residents and guests, telling them about our work, spreading the word – and promoting local businesses, operated by entrepreneurs from Latvia and Poland – baking, catering, making wonderful food from different countries available for Bognor residents. Everybody enjoyed trying the treats from different EU countries, learning about them, and about the friendly people who made and sold them.

As always, the team continues to promote English classes for newcomers to the area – and now we have a great way to do it – our new website which is regularly updated, and by March 2014 it will include information in Bulgarian and Romanian languages.


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