Make a difference to your community – become a councillor

Whether you want to influence the future of the place where you live; add new facilities to your local park; offer more activities for young people; or ensure that local businesses can thrive – you could make a difference by becoming a councillor.

Next year, the local elections for Chichester District will take place on 7 May. If you feel that you could make a difference to your local community, now is the time to get involved.

Being a councillor is a great job. You can:

  • get involved and listen to the views of local people;
  • influence change for the benefit of your community;
  • learn something new every day; and
  • meet new people

It isn’t a 9am to 5pm job. You can do most of it at a time that suits you. It can normally fit around other commitments and allows you to make a valuable contribution to your community. But it does require commitment and dedication.

Although working with a political party increases your chance of becoming a councillor, you can choose to stand as an independent candidate.

All we ask of you is that you are:

  • 18 or over;
  • a British citizen, a citizen of the Irish Republic, the Commonwealth, or another member of state of the European Union; and
  • live and work, or own/occupy property within the district; and,
  • that you follow the councillors’ code of conduct

To find out more about how you could make a difference, please visit or call on 01243 534655 and request an information pack.


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