Arun Housing Homeless

Terms of Reference

Functions of the Group

  • To monitor the implementation of Arun’s ’Homelessness Strategy’ and provide support to that process
  • Undertake activities towards the implementation of the ’Homelessness Strategy’ and the production of updates
  • Identify and disseminate good practice and share with the group
  • Discuss national and local issues that affect homeless persons and the provision of services, with a view to service development
  • Provide support to other members in meeting the needs of homeless persons and those at risk of homelessness

Members Will

  • Ensure that a representative attends the meeting whenever possible
  • Provide any requested information within agreed time scales and meet any other commitments made
  • Recognise the individuality of each member and the constraints within which they must work
  • Focus on the development of services and subjects of relevance to the group as a whole/majority
  • Raise awareness of the group
  • Treat any information received with due sensitivity and respect any confidence



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