Meetings and Reports

June 2014

Here are the minutes of the Arun Wellbeing and Health Partnership meeting held on 11th June 2014, including the presentation slide shows from;

  • Christine Field – Health & Wellbeing Board
  • Wendy Walker – Mental Health Services update
  • Vila Vasoodaven – Tobacco Control Operation Plan

AWHP – Minutes Wednesday 11 June
W.S Health & Wellbeing Board
ATS presentation June 14
ATS presentation June 14
Tobacco Control Operation Plan

April 2014

Below is the agenda and reports for the meeting held on 24th April 2014

October 2013

Below are the minutes and reports of the last meeting.

Attached is the agenda and associated paperwork for the October meeting.

21st May 2013

Please find attached the minutes (Arun Wellbeing & Health Partnership), the revised Terms of Reference and the typed up Matrix that attendees all worked on.

Regarding ‘Any Other Business’ at the meeting, Jane Derrick made reference to ‘Druglink’, a new initiative against the misuse of drugs and alcohol and ‘Jessica’s Story’, the impact that fraudsters can have on vulnerable people. The projects and links are included below.


Drug link

Think Jessica


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