Member Organisations

Member organisations have to be a voluntary/community organisation delivering services in the Arun and Chichester areas. Their work may include health, social, leisure, cultural, environmental, sporting, advice, guidance, support, community and faith based activities. They may be wholly voluntary relying on donations or membership fees for their survival, or have a large work force and a commensurate financial turnover.

Members of VAAC require us to offer the clear channels of communication that are accessible to them in a form that best meets their needs. Members want to be able to identify and contact the most appropriate person within VAAC and understand the services and resources that are available to them as members and how and when these can be accessed. They want us to provide appropriate and up to date information on a regular basis without overwhelming them with paper or e-mails.

Membership Priority Benefits include;

  • Information/e-bulletin/newsletter
  • Subsidised access to training and events
  • Priority booking – only to members in the first week
  • Free resources – equipment loan e.g. projector, display boards, laptop, photocopier etc.
  • Networking opportunities
  • Voting rights
  • Priority referral to development team support
  • Preferred access to other projects – volunteering support, Connecting Communities
  • Advice on Compact issues
  • Respect confidentiality as defined by data protection

New membership forms will come to the Management Group for recommendation to Finance and General Purpose Group for approval. Once a voluntary/community group becomes a members of VAAC, they will receive a welcome letter informing them of their membership benefits.

Breach of Membership

  • Members agree to act promptly to address any serious issues identified through VAAC support services
  • Where members have stated they are working towards;
    1. A clearly defined purpose
    2. A decision-making mechanism (e.g. a committee)
    3. A set of rules or a constitution
    4. A bank account and financial records
    5. An equal opportunities policythey must demonstrate progress within a reasonable time frame
  • Members must not through any action bring VAAC into disrepute

VAAC commits to raising any concerns about the conduct of organisation with our members first. Refer to feedback procedure.

VAAC is keen to hear and deal with any complaint/concern a member might have about the organisation and/or servcies and would want the chance to address this before it is taken elsewhere.

A full menu of services now available. Click here to find out more.

Membership Form January 2013

Our members


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